About us

KCPA is a non – political, non – profit membership umbrella organization of coffee farmers in Kenya currently representing the interests of approximately 343,536 households of coffee farmers spread out in all the 31 coffee growing counties.

Vision: to be an active and effective representative organization that voices the concerns of coffee producers in Kenya

Mission: to represent the economic and social interests of coffee farmers through active participation in policy issues impacting on coffee sub-sector in Kenya and enhance the capacity of members to address issues related to coffee production, processing and marketing for improved livelihoods of coffee producers.

History of the Association

The history of the Association dates back in 1934 when Kenya Coffee Association (KCA) was formed to take care of interests of white colonial coffee farmers during which time the Africans were not allowed to grow coffee. The Association has undergone a number of transformations over time to better her service delivery to the coffee farmers. The association has changed from Kenya Coffee Association (KCA) to Kenya Coffee Growers Association (KCGA) in 1960 by which time Africans had been allowed to grow coffee. KCGA was later proscribed by the government on 30th March 1989, following disagreement on key policy issues. However, a Kenya Coffee Growers Association (1991) was registered in 1997 after a long court battle. This was later changed to Kenya Coffee Producers Association (KCPA) following a successful merger between Kenya Coffee Growers Association (1991) and Kenya Coffee Producers and Employers Association on 14th May, 2009 to form one united voice for coffee farmers.