KCPA is a national membership organization of coffee farmers whose history dates back to 1934 when white settlers, who were coffee farmers, registered the Kenya Coffee Association (KCA) to cater for their welfare. In 1960, the association changed its name to Kenya Coffee Growers Association (KCGA) and was registered under the Trade Unions Act mainly to enhance good industrial relations in the coffee sector. It was effective and vocal in representing the interests of its members after independence and into the 1980s, the years of the coffee boom.
The association was de – registered in 1989 and, for close to 9 years, the farmers were unrepresented during the period when some reforms were being undertaken in the coffee sector. Through the hard work of some members, registration was achieved in 1997 and from thereon, the association has sought to reposition itself as the voice of the coffee farmers and ensure that they get fair returns from their coffee investments and are involved in reforms within the sector.
KCPA was formed by a merger between KCGA (1991) and KCGEA in March 2009.


Vision statement
“To become the leading membership association of Coffee growers and reposition coffee as the number one foreign exchange earner for the country.”
Mission statement
“To contribute to the socio-economic empowerment of coffee farmers through: education and training, dissemination of information, enhancing good industrial labour relations in the sector and lobbying for an enabling environment that supports: production, processing  and marketing of quality coffee while ensuring farmers get good returns for their efforts and are actively involved in policy reforms.”